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Success at the Awards


Finalists in three categories and winning ‘Best Carer’ award

The Gloucestershire Care Providers Association recently conducted their annual awards ceremony as we are delighted to announce that one of our staff, Vanessa Neal won the ‘Carer of the Year’ award.

She had no idea she was being entered but our Head of Care, Emma Dolphin wrote a well-deserved glowing report:

Vanessa is an outstanding member of the team here at CKCH. She always goes that ‘extra mile’. Vanessa works hard and will step in to help out in any role. She is our Kitchen and housekeeping lead and has recently achieved a 5 star rating from Environmental Health at GCC.

Vanessa not only gives support to her colleagues, she takes any new employees under her wing and has proved to be a great mentor.

Vanessa’s relationship with our resident’s is so humbling. She takes time to find out every little thing about them to ensure the care she provides is really personal to them.

These are a few small example’s of Vanessa’s empathy and understanding.

We had a new resident arrive at CKCH. This lady (we’ll call her Molly) was rather down in the dumps and suffering with depression, she would not participate in activities or socialise with anyone.

Vanessa took her under her wing and was desperate to lift her spirits. Vanessa was aware that Molly could knit and was also fond of animals. Vanessa brought her Yorkshire terrier in to meet her and asked that if she provided the wool, would Molly knit him a little blanket?

Molly knitted the blanket and Vanessa asked her if she would teach her how to knit as she wanted to knit a lot of squares to join up to make a large blanket.

Every day Vanessa would spend time with ‘Molly (in her own time) and even came in on her days off whilst Molly gave her lessons.

Vanessa built such a relationship that Molly now dines with others in the dining room and participates in activities. She is a different person and her smile certainly evidences her well-being.


On another occasion the brother of a resident who recently died was suffering with ill health. When Vanessa finished her 11 hour shift she went to visit him and took him flowers.

Another resident who’s care needs changed had to be transferred to another home. This was over a year ago and Vanessa still visits him now. He doesn’t recognise her due to cognitive decline but appreciates his favourite drink of Shloer she takes for him and a bag of humbugs.

If a resident is admitted into hospital she visits them after her shift and has done so even during her lunch break.

Very often she’ll bring in a random gift for a resident. ‘I saw this and I thought so and so might like it’.


When a resident is approaching end of life Vanessa makes time to sit with them and supports their family and her colleagues.


Vanessa does all of this and so much more whilst at the same time fulfilling a full time role as Kitchen lead!

Vanessa is an inspiration to all. The residents, their families and all staff think she is an amazing lady. Her empathy, respect and dignity to others simply oozes from her.

Vanessa is so deserving for this award.”

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