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Staying connected at Charlton Kings


We now have Wi-Fi at Charlton Kings, with fast Internet connection throughout the whole home.

The new and improved Wi-Fi will give our residents the opportunity to use the Internet throughout the whole home. Whether they are in their room or in the sitting room, our residents can stay connected, browse the Internet and keep in touch with their family while enjoying faster connectivity.

The introduction of the new Wi-Fi means that we are now able use our brand new state of the art care system provided by Care Control Systems. The new system is user friendly and has been designed to operate on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

The system will assist our staff in providing the best possible care to all our residents by enhancing communication between staff and relatives as well as accurately monitoring residents. The system’s quick and easy to use technology also means that our carers will have more time to carry on providing excellent care to all our residents.

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