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Charlton Kings Care Home Visiting Procedure

As of August 3rd 2020 Charlton Kings Care Home will permit visiting in the garden or in the front lounge following our strict infection control policies and procedures.*

The home will open the garden (weather permitting), and front lounge on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Opening times will be at 11 am and 3pm and will be for 1 hour. Residents may have 1 named visitor at a time. Please do not be offended if we turn visitors away if there is more than 1 of you. Visitors will be asked to leave at 12pm and 4pm. No more than 2 visitors at any one time in the garden. 1 visitor at any one time in the front lounge.

  • Visitors must book a visit by contacting the home in advance.
  • Visitors can access the garden through the side gate (To the right of the car park as you are facing the home). Visitors can access the Front Lounge through the front door.
  • Just inside the gate you will be met by a member of the team. You will be requested to clean your hands with sanitising gel and requested to complete a track and trace form. (If you do not complete the form, you will not be permitted access). Visitors will also be temperature screened.
  • Visitors must wear their own mask or appropriate face covering.
  • The home will not be providing refreshments to visitors at this time. We advise to bring your own if you wish to. Any items must be taken away and disposed of at your own home.
  • Visitors will not be able to access the home’s bathroom facilities during visiting times nor access any internal areas of the home.
  • Visitors must refrain from hugging/kissing their loved ones.
  • Each resident will be risk assessed prior to receiving visitors as to whether receiving a visit may cause them emotional distress, increased risk of walking with purpose (moving closer than 2 meter rule). If assessment deems them at high risk, then visits will not be able to happen in the resident’s best interest.

*Visiting rules may be relaxed at the discretion of Manager with residents who are very poorly, though strict infection control measures still apply.

Why visitors need to take extra care to protect residents of Charlton Kings Care Home.

Although as a country we are slowly lifting restrictions on the general population that were in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, we still need to take extra care to protect people who live in Charlton Kings Care Home, and all of our staff who care for them.

We’re writing to ask you to help us protect them by taking a few very simple steps.

Why should we do this?

How does it spread?

COVID-19 spreads largely by droplets of infected breath getting into the nose or mouth of non infected people or getting onto surfaces which people then touch and carry the virus into their mouth or nose when they touch their face. This happens even if you don’t have symptoms. We want to stop this.

You may feel you’re not infected. But it’s possible that you or another visitor could be infected without knowing it, or indeed have your hands contaminated by the virus on arrival to visit, and treating every visitor the same is a sure way to reduce the chances the virus has to pass onto residents.

What should we do?

We’re asking you to take some very simple steps:

1. If you have or anyone in your home has symptoms like a dry cough, sore throat, fever or have noticed a loss of or change in your sense of smell or taste, then PLEASE DO NOT VISIT until you have been told it is safe to do so. If in doubt, ask the home for advice.

2. If you or anyone in your home has been told to self-isolate, or you think you have had recent contact (in the last 14 days) with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19, PLEASE DO NOT VISIT until you have been told it is safe to do so. If in doubt, ask the home for advice

3. When you visit, please wash your hands or use hand sanitiser carefully on arrival

4. When you visit, we encourage you, if at all possible, to either walk or use your own transport. Avoiding public transport further reduces your chances of coming into contact with people who are infected. If you need assistance with transport, please ask the home for advice. If you do need to use public transport or a taxi, then we advise that you wear a face covering when travelling, touch as few surfaces as possible and wash or sanitise your hands thoroughly when you arrive at the home and BEFORE touching any surfaces inside the home.

5. Please follow our instructions. These are designed to protect your loved one. These may include wearing a face mask or a face covering and staying two metres away. Two metre distance remains much safer than one metre.


Outdoor visiting (eg. in garden) and staying 2 metres (6 feet) away from the people you visit reduce the risk of passing the virus on because it makes it very difficult for the virus particles to spread to your loved one. Indoor visits where you can’t keep that distance are riskier for your loved one. This is why we are currently only permitting indoor visiting using the front lounge only. 2 metres is safer than 1m to reduce spread of infections.

Virtual Meetings

Ask the home if you can use virtual means of visiting, such as using FaceTime or Skype/Zoom. Taking these measures may mean that this may inconvenience you. It may mean you can’t visit as often as you would like, or that you can’t express physical affection such as a hug, a kiss or holding hands in the way you want to. Similarly, the distance measures or wearing masks may feel artificial or a barrier. We don’t want to come between you and your loved ones, but we do want to make sure that we do everything we can to protect them from infection. But these measures are every bit as important in saving the lives of residents in our home, as ensuring they get good quality care.

Together we can stop this virus. Together we can protect our loves ones.

Update – 17th March 2020

NO VISITING from Wednesday 18TH MARCH

As you know, we have been keeping a very close eye on developments with the ongoing Coronavirus situation here in the UK, with the health and wellbeing of our residents always our utmost priority. As a result of yesterday’s Government-issued recommendations, we have decided to move to a position of no visits, effective from tonight, at Charlton Kings Care Home. We are incredibly serious about preventing the infection from entering and spreading our home and thank you very much for your patience, cooperation and understanding at this very difficult time for us all.

What this means:

Exceptions to this exclusion:

What are we doing to reduce the feeling of isolation for both you and your relative?

We will of course continue to keep you fully up to date with any changes due to the fluidity of this situation. Thank you once again for your cooperation with our efforts to keep the home as safe for our residents as possible.

Ashley Jones
Fidelia Care

Update – 13th March 2020

Coronavirus Update – Imminent possibility to end all visiting at Charlton Kings Care Home

As you’re all aware, during the current Coronavirus situation affecting the whole of the UK, our priorities remain solely focused on the health, well being and safety of our residents. We would like to once again reassure friends, family members and each of our staff that we are keeping an incredibly close eye on the situation at all times and adjusting measures we have in place to prioritise our residents accordingly. It’s for this reason that we’d like to forewarn you all of the potential ending to visitations at the Home.

At the moment, Charlton Kings Care Home is on stage RED, meaning visits are still going ahead as normal; yet we’re asking all friends and family to carefully consider visiting. We have to be prepared for the potential escalation to stage BLACK whereby no visits can take place, which could occur within days – possibly within 24 hours. We are of course attempting to balance the risk by keeping visits as normal, but we are above all mindful of the health of our residents and the need to limit any potential exposure to the virus.

There are exceptions to this total visiting restriction:

So, what are we doing to reduce the feeling of isolation for both you and your relative?

We fully understand that this is a deeply upsetting and anxious time for you all, but our focus is on the safety of your relative in our care. We are all doing our best to look after your loved and we will maintain a dialogue with you throughout.

Any questions, then please direct them straight to the home for up to date advice.

All the best
Ashley Jones

Update – 11th March 2020

Luckily, care homes are well versed with infection control. The residents we care for can be susceptible to seasonal flu and viruses, so we make sure we go above and beyond to prevent any spread. All staff are trained in the importance of it and we practice it daily. As such, we are already in a good position to deal with a situation such as Coronavirus.

We are being updated daily (sometimes up to 5-6 times a day) on developments and how things are evolving with official guidance. At Charlton Kings Care Home, we are preparing now and beginning to implement measures sooner rather than later to help to prevent the potential spread of Coronavirus.

With immediate effect, we therefore wish to limit the visits we have to Charlton Kings Care Home. This will include all external entertainment and visits from schools. We would also ask family and friends to really consider their visits at the moment. It is a fluid situation and, if you are concerned or are unsure, then please call the home and speak to the Manager for advice. We will update you again as and when things change.

To reassure all families and friends, we do not currently have any cases of the virus within our residents or staff.

If you have any questions regarding our safety measures linked to Coronavirus, please call +44 (0) 1242 420297 or email

Thank you.